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Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

Do I have to register to use ticketless parking?

No. However, if you do register you can take advantage of automatic payments.

How does the system work out how long I've stayed?

Cameras at the entrance barrier will record your number plate and time of arrival. When you want to leave, you’ll pay via the methods mentioned above. The system will work out the time spent and the camera at the exit barrier will read your number plate. There’s no ticket to collect, however if needed, a receipt is available for online payments or from the machine.

What happens if my number plate isn’t recognised?

There may be a small number of occasions when the cameras are unable to recognise a vehicle. Should you get stuck, press the intercom button at the car park exit points. They'll connect you to someone in our control room, which is manned 24/7.

Can I pay with RingGo?

You can't use RingGo in any of the ticketless car parks.

Do the payment machines give change?

No, please ensure you provide the correct change for cash payments. If you do not have the exact change, you can always pay using an online account , contactless or card at the pay machine or via the mobile app. Don’t forget you’re only paying for the parking you've used, so you won't have to estimate how long you’ll need.

Will parking for blood donors still be free of charge in the trial car parks?

Yes it will. We are putting a password system in place for donors. At the end of your session, please ask a member of staff for the barrier password. Approach the exit barrier in your vehicle, press the button and tell the operator the password. The barrier will then be raised remotely.

Where can I find Terms and Conditions?

Please make sure you read and accept our terms and conditions before using the system.

I have a specific question - who can I ask?

If you have any questions about the trial or the system, you can contact our Parking Facilities team.

What happens if I can't find a space to park?


If you drive in and are unable to find a space, there is a short period of time where you can get back out without needing to pay. This period is long enough for a couple of circuits of the car park to see if a space becomes available, but not long enough to sit and wait as you may do in a traditional pay and display car park.

Permit holder FAQs

What if I have a Blue Badge?

Badge holders have to pay for parking in the four car parks during the trial. However, we are continuing to provide dedicated bays. Other local car parks will continue to offer free parking for Blue Badge holders for up to three hours.

For customers of the Marlowe Theatre, there are eight dedicated disabled spaces, as well as fifteen spaces in the dedicated disabled car park in Orange Street and six spaces in St Radigund’s car park. Find out where you can park .

For more information, you can view our Equality Impact Assessment .

What if I have a residents' or business permit?

There’s no need to do anything. Vehicles registered to park at any of the four sites will automatically be included in the trial. The system will recognise you as having paid, so you can park as normal.

What if I have a faith and community permit?

You can't use your permit in a ticketless car park for the allotted time and day, as displayed on your permit. You can, however, use any neighbouring council 'Pay and Display' car park instead, for the same time and day as your permit allows. You don't need to change your permit, as our Enforcement Team are aware of the temporary changes during the trial.

Account holder FAQs

What are automatic payments?

We take automatic payments from you three times a month for any parking charges during that period. These will come directly from the credit or debit card account details you register with.

How do I register for them?

Register before you arrive at the car park . You need the following information to hand:

How much do they cost?

You pay the same tariff as displayed on the payment terminal, these are located around the car park.

How often will I be charged?

We charge your registered credit or debit card three times a month for any parking charges during that period.

Can I add my vehicle to multiple accounts?

Yes. However, you can only allocate automatic payments to one account. With automatic payments enabled, only that account can assign car parks to that vehicle. If you disable automatic payments on that account, another account can then allocate automatic payments for the vehicle.

How do automatic payments work for multiple vehicles?

The first vehicle defaults to 'on'. When adding subsequent vehicles, the default is 'off'. You need to manually select a vehicle and car park, and press 'save' to retain the changes.

Can I still pay by cash or card?

Yes. If you'd prefer to use another payment option at any time, your account won't be charged.

How do I update my details?

Log in to the 'Your account' section. From here, you can update any personal details, as well as vehicle and payment details.

What happens if I forget my password?

Click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link on the account login page and follow the instructions.

How will the payments appear on my bank statement?


They currently appear as 'Six Card'. We're aware this doesn't accurately reflect the ticketless scheme, and will be amending this to a more suitable term in the future.